Cities’ weather-related problems mostly minor

Times-Herald Newspapers


At least the first part of the old adage about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb rang true last week, as steady downpours were followed by gusting winds.


More than 2 inches of rain fell over the course of the week, and high temperatures helped to thaw out the frozen ground, leading to some wet roadways and saturated flood plains.


Portions of Hines Drive were shut down, and Dearborn Heights police reported some motorists stalling in standing water.


City of Dearborn spokeswoman Mary Laundroche said officials received a few calls from residents whose basements had flooded, but that otherwise the weather caused few problems.


Heights Public Works Director Jack Franzil gave a similar account, saying only a few residents called to report sewage backups in their basements. Even the notoriously flood-prone Ecorse Creek didn’t breach its floodplain.


“I don’t want to say we dodged a bullet, but I think we did,” Franzil said. “We haven’t had a major incident since 2004, so we’re due.”