Ask the Treasurer

Each week, Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz will use this column as a regular forum to inform you about the tax process and to answer the questions most frequently asked about property taxes.


Always remember that your property is your most precious asset. Do not risk losing it for nonpayment of property taxes. If in doubt, ask questions.


Q: When are property auctions held?


A: September and October of the year foreclosed. Properties are offered for a minimum bid that consists of all delinquent taxes, penalties and interest. Properties not sold at the September auction are then offered at our October auction. Successful bidders will receive a Quit Claim deed to the property.


Q: Can I make partial payments?


A: Partial payments will be accepted. You can send in whatever amount you wish to be applied to your taxes. In return, you will receive a paid tax statement reflecting the amount paid as well as the balance due amount each time you make a payment. Partial payments can only be accepted by mail or in person.


Q: What if I simply do not have the ability to pay my taxes?


A: There may be a couple of options you can use, either call your local Family Independence Agency for assistance: (313) 456-1000, or request a hardship application by calling: (313) 224-6105.


Q: How do I obtain a list of properties with delinquent taxes in a particular community or for the entire county?


A: Foreclosed homes that may be available for auction are listed on our main Web site at They are sorted by municipality for your convenience.


Q: How can I purchase a home that shows delinquent taxes are owing?


A: It is our goal to make every effort to notify homeowners of any delinquent taxes on their property to prevent it from being sold at auction. A listing of public auction dates and the properties available will be posted at


If you have any questions or issues related to delinquent property taxes in Wayne County, please call our Taxpayer Assistance Department at (313) 224-6105.