New requirements passed for land preserve

Sunday Times Newspapers


RIVERVIEW — With expansions to the city’s Land Preserve come new requirements that must be followed.


New permit conditions were imposed by the Wayne Count Department of Environment, or DOE, to allow the preserve to comply with the Wayne County Storm Water Ordinance.


Preserve staff, City Attorney Randall Pentiuk and Cornerstone Environmental Group have been working with DOE and the county’s Department of Public Service to comply with the ordinance.


The statute provides the legal authority for the county to require storm water management standards in development projects and is meant to prevent pollution from storm water runoff and protect the quality of water. It was enacted after the storm water system was constructed at the preserve.


One of the new permit conditions is that the city now must accept responsibility for storm water management system at the preserve. The stipulation is meant to maintain the best management practices possible for the construction, maintenance and operation of storm water systems.


Another permit condition is the addition of easements to the Frank & Poet and Blakely drains in order for them to be applicable to drain codes.


These easements are now required to allow Wayne County access to the drains.


The City Council authorized the new conditions at the Feb. 17 meeting.