Employee held up at credit union

RIVERVIEW — Police still are seeking a man for an armed robbery about noon Tuesday at Advance America Credit Union, 19200 Fort.


The man — described as 5 feet 6 inches tall and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a sheer over his face — took money he forced the 29-year-old female manager to lie on the ground.


When police arrived on the scene, the manager was crying and extremely shaken up.


She told them she was sitting at her desk talking on the phone when she noticed a man looking around the corner of the front door of the building. He then pulled some kind of sheer over his face, entered the building, jumped over the swinging door to get behind the counter and yelled for her to get on the ground.


The man started going through the cash drawer, taking money. He then yelled at the manager, who was still on the ground, asking her where the rest of the money was. After she told him, he made her show him because he couldn’t find the location.


He then pushed her back on the ground, held a hard object to the back of her head and told her to not get up or she would die.


The hard object then was removed from her head and she heard the front door chime. After a few minutes she asked if he was still there, and hearing nothing, got up to lock the door.


She pushed the panic alarm, tried to get through to 911 which was busy, called her manager and then called the general police phone number.


When police arrived they called for a K-9 unit to track the suspect. The search began in front of the building and continued east toward Fort, but the dog could not find a scent.


The credit union’s outdoor automated teller machine cameras showed a partial exterior scene of the walkway area the man was on; police will review the tape to try to identify the suspect.