Board revises policy on workplace violence

Sunday Times Newspapers


WYANDOTTE — Wyandotte Public Schools now has an updated policy on workplace violence.


The previous policy, titled “Weapons-Employees,” simply stated that no employee could carry a dangerous weapon on school property. The new policy goes into more detail and applies not only to employees, but visitors and volunteers as well.


It states that the district prohibits acts of violence or threats of violence on school property, during school-sponsored events or involving school vehicles.


Workplace violence, as defined by the policy, comprises acts or threats of violence against persons or property that are sufficiently severe, offensive or intimidating to alter employment conditions.


The new policy also details violence as pushing, shoving, biting, hitting or throwing objects at individuals or property. It also covers threatening, intimidating or coercing an employee, associate or family member.


Unlike the old policy, weapons now are prohibited in district vehicles, as well as on school property. Weapons can include firearms, explosives, knives with a blade longer than 3 inches, clubs, sticks and any other item intended to inflict death or bodily harm.


The new policy also stipulates that employees, volunteers or visitors cannot have an expectation of privacy on district property, and that all district property is subject to examination and inspection by district officials.


The policy also outlines parameters for reporting of violations: First to the principal of the corresponding school, then to the superintendent and finally the Board of Education president.


Violators will but subject to disciplinary actions, including discharge and for visitors a total ban from district property.


The policy change is one of many made by the policy committee in an attempt to update what members say are many out-of-date or unused policies.


The second and final reading of the violence policy will take place March 3.