Blotter: Dearborn and Dearborn Heights


Vehicles vandalized


Vandals struck two cars parked in the 22800 block of Outer Drive overnight Feb. 13.


The owners called police the following morning about 10:30 a.m. when they discovered the damage. The cars – a blue 1998 Chysler Sebring and red 2001 Dodge Neon – sustained two cracked driver’s-side mirrors and two cracked taillights; a spoiler was torn off the Sebring.


Dearborn Heights


Burglars abandon sweet steal


A large box truck was driven through the display windows at Family Dollar, 3543 Beech Daly, in an apparent smash-and-grab burglary about 1 a.m. last Sunday.


Police arrived about 3 a.m. after the stores alarm was tripped. The reason for the delay in the alarm’s activation is unclear; the suspects were gone by the time officers arrived.


Store surveillance showed a large white box truck reverse into the storefront before two white men jumped out and took nothing but a candy vending machine. After wheeling the machine out of the building, they left it in some bushes around the side of the building, where police found it undamaged.


Man suspected in garage fire


A military recruiter told police he believes a mentally disturbed man could be behind a fire in his garage in the 4200 block of Madison about 1:30 a.m. Feb. 14.


The fire caused moderate damage to the garage and was ignited using clothes and debris placed just inside the doorway.


The recruiter told police that earlier at the Old Mill Party Store, 4503 S. Telegraph, a man approached him and asked him why he wasn’t “covered up,” an apparent reference to a serviceman not wearing a uniform hat.


After a brief argument, the recruiter said, they both left.


But 10 minutes later the recruiter received a call on his cell phone from the man demanding to know his commander’s phone number so he could report him. The recruiter said he was going to call police, which temporarily got the man to calm down.