City considers fire substation

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK —If a proposed film production studio project goes ahead as planned, city officials plan to build a new fire substation.

In January they announced their discussions with a studio executive for a possible $100 million production studio on Enterprise Drive; more finalized details are expected within the next two months.


To correspond with the project, the city also plans to build a new municipal complex, which would include new offices for the Police, Fire and Public Works departments, along with a library, City Hall and possibly the 24th District Court. Those construction plans are concurrent with a proposed new substation at the corner of Wick and Allen roads, site of the former Allen Wick Ace Hardware.


“This is to better serve the residents throughout the community,”


Mayor Gary Burtka said. The substation will house one fire truck and one ambulance. Employees also will field emergency calls from the building.


Existing fire and emergency personnel will be relocated to the substation, but an exact number has yet to be determined by Fire Chief Mark Hogrebe.


“We’ll be able to provide a lot faster service throughout the city, even better than what we have today,” Burtka said.


Along with seeing faster response times, some residents may benefit in regard to fire ratings on insurance policies.


“As the city moves forward, and if this project goes through with the studio,” Burtka said, “ people living near the new fire station should get reduced insurance policy rates.


“So those are the benefits, and hopefully we can save some lives.”


Response times are expected to decrease by up to a minute with the new station.


“We, just like the rest of Downriver, are aging,” Burtka said, “and we can always use better emergency services.


“We haven’t finalized anything at this time yet, but we are very close.”