By Cindy Elavsky


Q: It seems like ages ago that the brass at NBC announced that Conan O’Brien would be taking over “The Tonight Show.” When is that supposed to happen? — Brandon W., Charleston, S.C.


A: Conan O’Brien is set to take over “The Tonight Show” hosting duties in June. Last month he addressed the Television Critics Association about how “The Tonight Show” will change when he comes aboard. He explained: “I want to make sure I don’t overthink it. Television is changing drastically. I want to make sure my show isn’t too buttoned up.” On a related note, on March 2, Jimmy Fallon premieres as the new host of “Late Night.”


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Q: I heard that Robert Carlyle is going to head up the latest incarnation of “Stargate.” Do you have any more “Stargate” news to share? — James J., Springfield, Ohio


A: “Stargate Universe,” which is scheduled to debut in July on the Sci-Fi network with a two-hour movie, has recruited “Ugly Betty” actor David Blue to play Eli Wallace. Eli is a slacker/genius who will bring an acerbic wit to a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians who have been stranded on an ancient ship in the far reaches of space.


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Q: Last year I saw a movie on the Hallmark Channel with Genie Francis and Ted McGinley called “The Note.” My daughter told me they recently aired a sequel to the movie. Please tell me it will be on again. I am really sad that I missed it! — Gladys J., via e-mail


A: The Hallmark Channel premiered “The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love” at the end of January. However, the movie will be re-aired throughout the month of February, with its next showing on Sunday, Feb. 15 (check local listings for times). In the sequel, Peyton (Genie) and King (Ted) are in love and trying to figure out what the future holds for them.


I can say, however, that the future for Ted does not feature dancing. As you will recall, Ted was voted off rather early in the most recent season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Genie told me recently, “No, Ted did not teach me any dance moves,” adding with a laugh, “there was NO dancing on the set.”


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Q: I’ve noticed a lot of TV shows and movies film in Vancouver, British Columbia, although the setting is supposed to be the U.S. Why is that? — Eric R. in Canada


A: A big reason for this is simple: money. It costs a lot less to film in Canada than in Hollywood. Also, for production purposes, Canada has more landscape and weather extremes than Southern California. For example, “The X-Files” intended to shoot only a few weeks of its first season in Vancouver, because it needed a creepy forest with a mysterious, foggy aura. As director Chris Carter said, that three weeks turned into five years, because the locations they found were so perfect for the tone of the series.


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