By Fifi Rodriquez


1. HISTORY: Where was the Battle of Anzio fought during World War II?
2. GAMES: Where will the 2010 Winter Olympics be held?
3. AD SLOGANS: What product was featured in ads that proclaimed, “Look Ma, no cavities!”
4. ENTERTAINERS: Which entertainer’s catch phrase is “Can we talk?”
5. GEOLOGY: What is the origin of pumice?
6. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Portugal?
7. MYTHOLOGY: Which character in Greek mythology slew the Minotaur?
8. MONEY: What is the basic monetary unit of Laos?
9. FOOD & DRINK: What kind of food would a charcuterie sell?
10. LITERATURE: Which one of William Shakespeare’s plays has been described as “the Scottish play”?


1. Italy
2. Vancouver
3. Crest toothpaste
4. Joan Rivers
5. A porous, but solid form of lava
6. Lisbon
7. Theseus
8. The kip
9. Meat
10. “Macbeth”


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