Woronchak reappointed chair of audit committee

Wayne County Commissioner Gary Woronchak (D-Dearborn) has been reappointed chairman of the Commission’s committee on audit for the 2009-10 term.


The appointment came on the heels of his involvement in an audit that found glaring inefficiencies in the Commission’s payroll practices. The special payroll examination was conducted in part due to allegations made against former Commission leadership, and was related to a change in leadership made this month by the full Commission.


Commissioner Edward Boike (D-Taylor) was elected chairman of the Commission this month, replacing Jewel Ware (D-Detroit), who had chaired the body for three terms.
Wayne County Auditor General Willie Mayo cited Woronchak’s leadership in uncovering problems in Commission procedures.

“Commissioner Woronchak played a key role in our examination of the Commission’s payroll practices, which is now resulting in a much-needed reforms in county government and policies which foster more openness and accountability by new Commission leadership,” Mayo said. “He was directly involved in the planning stages of the examination and gave my office vital support throughout.”

The Audit Committee provides financial and operational oversight through the review and reports of the county’s legislative auditor general and outside auditors and consultants, and monitors compliance with audit findings.

While the Commission has several standing committees that scrutinize contracts and ordinances before they go to the full Commission for approval, only two committees are required by the County Charter: The ways and means committee, which oversees the county budget, and the committee on audit.

“The committee on audit is an internal watchdog for Wayne County government,” Woronchak said. “Through the work of the Office of the Auditor General, we monitor not only whether financial statements are properly submitted, but whether procedures are efficient and how they can be improved.”

Boike also appointed Woronchak to serve as vice chairman of the committee on economic development, and as a member of the committee on government operations. He also will serve on the special committee on rules. Over the last two months, Woronchak’s work on the rules committee contributed to new rules of procedure designed to end problems with the Commission’s hiring practices.

Woronchak is starting his third term on the Commission after serving the maximum allowable six years in the Michigan House of Representatives. He represents the Commission’s 13th District, which includes Dearborn, Allen Park and Melvindale.

The auditor general said he looks forward to working with Woronchak in the new term.

“I am pleased that Commissioner Woronchak has been reappointed chairman of the committee on audit,” Mayo said. “His leadership on the committee and his professional approach has helped us do the work of improving the internal control environment throughout the county.”