Engineer: City Hall renovation still on schedule

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON — The remodeling of City Hall has been proceeding on schedule, City Council members learned recently.

The temporary City Hall at 2674 W. Jefferson closed for a few days during the holidays.

City Engineer William Hogan told the council late last month that his department holds weekly progress meetings with J.S. Vig Construction Co. of Taylor to keep abreast of any construction surprises at the permanent building.

So far, he said, construction is on schedule to be completed by the March 19 deadline. After asbestos removal was completed in October, Hogan said, the building was turned over to the general building contractor, which was required by contract to have the project completed within 150 days.

Major heating, venting and air conditioning parts, as well as boilers, should be delivered soon, Hogan said. He offered to conduct a personal tour of the renovated building before it reopens for any officials who are interested.

“Everything is going quite well, and within budget,” Hogan said.

Councilman William LeFevre reminded Hogan that there had been discussion of eliminating the courtyard with the extra money that had been set aside on the project. Hogan said designers have considered whether the courtyard could be eliminated, and the steps to the front door removed so that the ramp would be unnecessary.

So far, Hogan said, they have not figured out yet how to eliminate four steps and the ramp without a huge cost. However, plans still have been prepared to regrade the front City Hall plaza, he said, in case contingency money is available near the end of the project.

Still part of the master plan, Hogan said, is at least narrowing the steps to the front door and completely redoing the ramp alongside the building.

“It may be something we can still pull off as we get toward the end of the project,”


Hogan said.


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